Friday, July 3, 2009

When I grow up, I want to be a/an.....

2 weeks has passed since I started looking for a job. Still no luck. Still a bum (hence the image) It's so damn hard to find graphic designing jobs that accept people with no work experience. If that's not annoying enough, some even prefer experience working in advertising.

I like graphic design and all but I like to try other things as well. If companies were open-minded and know that the skills of a person don't come from a degree but his/her passion for whatever he/she is pursuing. I've seen lots of good graphic designers but the course they graduated from had nothing to do with arts. In fact, most of their knowledge are self-taught.

So here's a list of what I would like to do to earn money aside from graphic/web design:

I like taking pictures and it would be better if I'm getting paid doing it. I have an entry level DSLR (thanks to my dad) and I don't get to use it much except when I go out with my friends. The place where we live doesn't have a scenic view; just buildings and a crowded busy street. I plan on buying different kinds of lenses for the camera (not in the near future). It would be nice working for a magazine or an advertising company.

Ads. Billboards. Commercials. It seems fun conceptualizing for a product or something. Advertising is about getting people's attention. I see lots of advertisements but rarely do they get my attention. Smart, funny or witty concepts are rare. Sex ads (ads that only show lots of skin) are common. A professor of mine said using sex in an advertisement is like cheating. You don't need to conceptualize much. Just get a gorgeous woman and pose sexy.

Movie Producer
I'm not sure if producer is the right word. I could direct but it's much less of a hassle if I just find the right director and co-direct. I could write a script (I have great ideas but I don't entertain it much because it's not practical to do it as a way to earn money) but I'd rather find someone who wrote a great script and edit it if necessary. Am I right in saying this is producing? If someone is crazy enough to take a risk by making me a co-producer or something, that would be awesome. Dream on, I know.

Like I said, I have ideas that I would like to be made into movies or series but it's hectic and doesn't guarantee cash. Hectic because there's a format when writing scripts and it takes an estimate of more than 120 pages for a one hour movie. But if I were to be working with a team filled with original, funny, creative, smart, and witty people it will be much easier and more fun. Sadly, I think they're quite rare here in the philippine movie/showbiz industry.

One of the easiest thing to do. Just pretend to be somebody you're not. It's much easier too here in the Philippines. If you don't have any acting talent, it's okay. As long as you're good looking and the masses love you. I guess that's what attracts most people to it. It's not that hard (except crying, for me anyway) . Easy money! Two words everyone likes to hear. If I were given an opportuniy to be an actor, I would take it. Although I would only take supporting roles and also no drama. Crying is hard. Who the hell enjoys thinking of sad, hurtful things so tears will come out? The only downside to this is fame. Yes, fame brings more money. I like money but I also like walking in public places where no one gives a shit about you. Oh, and also no nudity. :P

There are a lot more things I'd like to try but these are the top 5. I can only dream of getting some of these jobs because in the real world you need a degree that relates to the job. That's one of the reasons why I decided to get another degree (Multimedia Arts) so I could get a job as a graphic designer. But then I realized that I'm wasting my time learning almost nothing from uninspiring professors. That's one of the reason why I decided to stop studying (I'm on leave indefinitely) and started looking for a job. I took the chance that somebody might take a chance to hire me (not a graduate of an art course) as their graphic designer.

Tomorrow morning I will be calling these job ads I found today. Good luck to me and all the people looking for a job.