Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

I've been to 3 job interviews.

First one was for the position of graphic artist for a Chinese company in Roxas Blvd. I would say the interview went well. I was given a test. I was to create a logo for one of their brands. I did okay but the boss himself wanted the logo to be like Sony's. Just letters, no illustrations. So they gave me homework. 4 logos each for their 2 brands. It was hard conceptualizing because I don't know what those brands are and they never said what they wanted aside from "just letters". So I made some random ones and sent them. Still no word from them. I'm not really fond of the working environment. There are a lot of Chinese working there. Not Chinese like me, born and raised in the Philippines, who only knows basic fookien and mandarin but ones that were made in China. Hardcore ones. I imagine myself hanging out with them during work. Painfully awkward.

Co-worker: Ni hao. (How are you?)
Me: Wo hao. (I'm fine.)
Co-worker: Ni chu lu xia ba la nan ni? (Some random deep chinese words)
Me: Wo pu hao le. (I'm not fine anymore *nosebleed*.)

Second one was for a telecommunications company in Libis. I was suppose to have the final interview already but the CEO, who was going to interview me, asked for my portfolio. Good thing, I made one. It's my temporary (rushed) online portfolio. I only have a few works on my computer. I uploaded the ones I think to be mediocre at least. I admit none of those works show my true *ahem* awesomeness because I never gave it my all when doing my school exercises. Most of the stuff I uploaded were school works and random works I made when playing around with Photoshop. Only one work there was serious. He scrolled down quickly to the bottom and clicked one and asked, "Is this all of it?"

HOLY SHIT BALLS! I didn't finish my MMA degree and I never made it to the PORTFOL subject. The one where they require you to create a portfolio showing your works. So I really don't have much works to show. So in my head I was thinking maybe I still have some in my computer. So I told him that and he said I go home and send it to him by e-mail. Since I am applying for the graphic/web designer position, he won't be able to interview me without seeing more of my works. It took at least an hour to go to the company, at least 10 minutes waiting while listening to the HR interviewing three other applicants applying for the Asst. Accountant position, and it took less than 5 minutes for the supposed to be final interview. I sent some more works and made one quickly (hopefully it will help but rushed work qualities are usually mediocre at best). So now I'm waiting for their call again. I really would like to work there but it seems chances of being hired are low. And to top it off, my friend just had an interview there too. My way in just got smaller. :(

Third and least was for a logistics company in Novaliches. It took me at least 2 hours to get there. LRT, LRT2, jeep, jeep, jeep, walk. Apparently, I took a detour somewhere. The interview went well but I wasn't fond of the position they offered. The online ad said graphic artist but what was being offered was digital printer operator. It was more on the technical side and just a little bit of graphic modification (if there's something to be modified). I don't mind learning the technical stuff but after that what else is there? I don't see any opportunities working there.

After the portfolio fiasco, I realized why I always feel my works are missing something. It's a goal. When I design, it's usually free flow. There's no direction. As long as it looks okay, I'm fine with it. So to change this way of designing I asked a fellow designer friend to pretend to be my client. He made some logos for a company that sells surfing t-shirts and asked me to do the same along with a website. The theme is vintage.


First one is clean and professional looking but uses a modern design.


Photo of the wave (although I did the white edges and vintage effect) and the illustration of a man in the lower left corner are not mine. I just googled them. The red shirt is not a product of Nine Deep. I got it from since Nine Deep's current site doesn't show surfing shirts.

I have a more satisfied feeling with this design. I did some research on vintage designs. The design is more detailed than my free flows. I definitely gave more effort. But I still feel it lacks something. That something is probably content. Mainly, the area below the "SHIRTS UP!" I'll try to make up some content for it tomorrow.

If I don't get the job in Libis, I should start doing more of this "pretend client" practice. So next time I'm asked for my portfolio, I'm ready. :D