Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Color Blind

(images taken from wikipedia)

These are simple tests to determine whether you're color blind or not. You should see the numbers 37, 44 or 49, and 56. If you're not able to see:

37: You're protanopic. You have difficulty distinguishing between blue and green colors and also between red and green colors.

44 or 49: You're deuteranopic. Red and green are the main problem colors, there are also for example some gray, purple and a greenish blue-green which can’t be distinguished very well.

56: You're tritanopic. People affected by this confuse blue with green and yellow with violet.

There are many different degrees of color blindness so not all color blind people miss the same colors.

I am color blind! I'm deuteranopic. I used to think color blind is just seeing everything in shades of gray. Apparently, that's only one of the different kinds of color blindness. Should I look for another line of work? How bad is it for a graphic artist to be color blind? I feel I've been robbed. I won't be able to see some things in life the way they really are. I wonder if being color blind has an effect on one's optimism or personality? Dull colors, dull world. They should make a study about that.


I received a mail from PinoyGSM about a job. They gave this sort of test. Design a conceptual website for myBundyClock.com (a time keeping and payroll website). The only thing specified is they wanted a web 2.0 design. I didn't google for images to use. Just made a random text logo as a placeholder. I only focused on the web 2.0 design and the placing of information.

The thing I like about this test is no need for a portfolio. :D At least this way I can show what I can do. I know that's what a portfolio is for but I was lazy back then I just did things to pass. Am I regretting it now? Not really.

Holy.... they're posting the works submitted by the applicants. In my opinion, they shouldn't be doing this. Here are the other applicants' submissions.