Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Can't seem to catch the zzZs

So yesterday I got a phone call for a job interview and 10 minutes after that I got another one! I was surprised and felt a tiny rush of excitement. Finally, after more than 2 weeks of sending resumes, I was called! I have some things to prepare: resumes, 2x2s, NBI clearance, answers for questions they might ask like :

Tell me something about yourself.
What are your strengths and weaknesses?

How do you feel about Michael Jackson's death?

Excited and nervous. Maybe that's the reason why I only "slept" for 2 hours.

I wouldn't call it sleep though. It felt like I was half awake most of the time, like I was stuck in the "drifting off to sleep" part. So I woke up. Thrashed around in bed. Took a sleeping pill. Played PSP. Watched some TV. Ate some leftover pizza. Checked my facebook. Read some new manga chapters. And now I'm writing a post. Time is 5:39am. Four hours and a half from the time I took that pill. Should be working right about.... nope, still awake. It would be funny if it started working while I'm taking my 2x2.

Ready? One, two an.... *crash*

I guess I better go get ready. Hope I don't fall asleep while taking a shower. (-_-)

EDIT: People who have a hard time getting some sleep should try this. I know I will.
Acrupressure For Insomnia