Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today, 2pm - 4pm : Complete Waste of Time

"Job Offer Thu, Aug 20, 3PM. *******************************************. Pls reply to confirm." (*** company name and address)

So do I have a job? No.
Did I turn it down? No.
So what happened?

I went and arrived there at least 10 mins to 3pm., knocked on the door at least 5 times before someone answered, got interviewed again by an employee (he didn't know the job was already offered), asked to wait for the boss and after less than a minute was told the boss was in a meeting and won't be going back so they'll just contact me again.

I was not pissed. Annoyed but not mad. What annoyed me the most was when the employee said "Umalis kasi boss namin di na daw makapaghintay." (-_-) WHAT THE EF?

I felt tired on the way back home.

On the way down the stairs of the LRT station, I saw a group of cleaners huddled on one side of the stairs. (How many people does it take to clean a set of stairs? The answer is 4.) There was a divider and the sign "CAUTION: WET FLOOR". One the cleaners (gay) spoke (or more like announced) loudly , "Mas masarap pa ang lalake kesa sa merienda." then "Mas masarap pa ang lalake kesa sa tinapay." then another "Mas masarap pa ang lalake kesa sa tinapay." Was it an initiation for the United Gay LRT Janitors or was he promoting cannibalism? I'm not sure if they were all gay since I felt down and was only looking on the floor. I didn't even look up when it started.

Damn it. There's no ice cream to lighten my mood. :(


fooligar said...

life sucks

senyorita said...

Grabe naman sila, ang labo! Who would schedule a 3PM meeting only to go home after?! What kind of boss is that? Oh well.

Z said...

Hindi siya umuwi, nasa meeting daw. Pero bat pa nakasked sa 3pm kung may meeting pala sya? :/