Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Willie Revillame-Cory Aquino Scandal

So right now I'm listening , for the first time, and writing down the words he's saying in the video. (I know, bored much?) I'm going to analyze it to see why people are making an issue out of this because from what I've heard Willie found it inappropriate to show simultaneously Wowowee and the funeral of Cory. In my opinion, it is inappropriate. It's like being happy in a funeral or the music "Beautiful Life - Ace of Base" playing in a funeral procession. I don't watch Wowowee. I'm not a fan of Willie. In fact, I think he's a sleazebag but he had nothing to gain by cutting off the feed nor is he stupid enough to intentionally insult the Aquinos. So what went wrong?

"Meron akong ano... sa ating ano... di naman sa ano...."
He knows what he's about to say might sound disrespectful and he's trying to find the right words. Apparently, he never did.

"Kasi di sigurong magandang tignan pinapakita nyo yan. Nagsasaya kami tapos pinapakita yung..."
The first sentence sounded disrespectful. He should have said "....di sigurong magandang pinapakita nyong nagsasaya kami tapos pinapakita yung...".

"I don't think dapat ipakita yang punishment."
I'm not sure about this. Punishment? I don't have an idea what he meant by that. Maybe I'm hearing it wrong.

"E nahihirapan akong magsalita rito. Nagpapasaya ako. Nakikita ko yung ano ni Tita Cory. Sana pakitanggal naman muna yan. Sa ating ano trapik."
A funeral shouldn't have fun party music. An fun entertainment show shouldn't have gloom. See how Willie is stuck? His job is to entertain people and it's hard for him to put on a happy face when he can see the funeral. He did what he thought was best for the show.

"Kasi kung ganyan ipakita na lang natin yan."
He should have but he didn't. He has a job to do so he did it. The show must go on.

"Kasi nagsasaya kami dito tapos... Masakit sa akin yan e. Nagsasalita ako dito... yan bilis... Sana maintindihan nyo nagsasaya kami... papakita nyo sa amin yung.. diba? Di tama e, ok? Diba? Makapagsasalita na sila e, diba?"
He kept on saying "Nagsasaya kami" which , I believe, is the reason why some people misunderstood his intentions. "We're having fun here and that funeral is a buzzkill." is what some people thought he meant. "People are here to have fun and it is my job to entertain them and the funeral isn't helping." is what he probably meant. No disrespect to Cory.

*Crowd cheers*
This is where things got worse. He probably thought his not-so-clear speech conveyed his intentions clearly to the people because of the cheering. So he didn't put much thought to the words he said next. (I'm not sure, but I think there's someone cheering "Go, Willie!" in the audience. Maybe it's Joey de Leon encouraging Willie to say something stupid which he did)

"Hay nako. Pangit. Hindi maganda sya sa atin. Nagsasaya tayo pinapakita yung kabaong ni Tita Cory. Diba? Papano kami mapagsasaya? Nahihirapan kami. I'm sorry ha. Pero ako totoo ako e."
Notice how all the sentences are complete. No more hesitation. 100% I'm-speaking-my-mind-no-one-will-take-it-the-wrong-way-because-I-am-awesome. Crash and burn.

Willie isn't wrong here but he needs to speak more carefully and tone down his arrogance. If you're looking for someone to blame then blame the ABS-CBN management. They're using the funeral to increase their ratings. Why else would they show it simultaneuosly with an entertainment show?


Z said...

Test asses

M said...

Not to defend Willie directly, im no avid fan. Although this issue is nothing but garbage. A persons good intentions twisted and turned into bigger issue.

To me this is nothing more than media play at its shittiest. To make things short "this shit sells" coz this is the kind of garbage that viewers want; like it or not its fact.

Punishment on this is issue? Come on get real, you think that just because the people will "take sides" (when there is actually no war to fight in) that it makes them better citizens or your more of a Filipino in doing this? A lot of die hard fans may take offense to this and say "para kang di pinoy ah!" Well if that's how Filipino logic runs (note i am Filipino btw) Then maybe they ought to give that hate the right target. Id rather not be a Filipino than to be forced to take sides on crap issue like this.

senyorita said...

Hahaha bored much? Willie's comments were indeed inappropriate and insensitive. There's even an online petition against him. He should've requested the removal of the coverage off air. E di wala sana issue now, tsk.