Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Interview #4

If you're an avid reader or worshipper of my blog (the coolest one in Ongpin), remember my post about a job I applied that required to make a conceptual site and they post the submissions on a forum? Well, I just had an interview there.

It was one of the best interviews I had. First, it was informal. He used Tagalog from the start. The interviewer graduated from De La Salle University. He remembered my name and face from the resume in jobstreet (I think? Or did I meet him during my college days? Oh shit.) Second, I was praised. He said out of all the submissions they only liked mine. (EGOOOOO BOOOOOSTEEEEER!) Not that there were any other great designs but still... I even tried to defend some of the submissions by saying there were one or two decent ones. (What's wrong with me? Humble much?) He said, "Mmm, they're okay but your's was still the best." (Or I just want to hear that. Fishing much?)

The place was okay. A small building. Each floor has 4 small rooms. The room I was in was clean and there was air conditioning. He said they'll contact me again within the week. I initially thought I wouldn't like it there but now I'm thinking it might not be bad.