Friday, June 19, 2009

Don't judge me!

I did something bad yesterday and I feel guilty about it. Oh the shame of it! D:

My friends and I went to see a client of ours to show the design of their website. The client didn't get to see it because the file mysteriously disappeared. Sucks. So after that we went to another friend's house but before that we stopped by a Burger Machine. They have this "Buy 1 Take 1 Jumbo Burger" promo. There were four of us. I let them order for me. I thought they ordered FOUR "Buy 1 Take 1"s.

Sadly, I was wrong. I already started eating my friend's share while he was searching for it. I honestly thought we were supposed to have two burgers each. :( He was okay with it (A true friend.... unlike me.) but finishing the burger was hard. Every bite was accompanied by guilt.

Moral lesson of the story. Choose your friends wisely. :P